Tattoo studio Tea  Split

Tattoo art studio Tea has been opened since 2011 and it is the first studio in Split opened by a female tattoo artist with more than 16 years of work experience. Since the very beginning, we have tried to please every client and to adapt to their ideas. Apart from our aim to satisfy every client, we also want to assure quality and safety to each of them. The tattoo equipment we use is the top, professional equipment made by the best tattoo equipment manufacturers.

Our tattoo dyes are strong and long-term, dermatologically tested and are currently the most reliable tattoo colors available. Tattoo art studio Tea provides complete service.

In our studio, with high quality work, you get the ultimate ambiance in tattooing in which you can completely forget about the pain: an extra comfortable tattoo chair, free wi fi, tv.

Finally and most importantly, the tattooing / piercing business itself requires high hygienic standards that are met at Tattoo art studio Tea, where it is insisted on protecting the client in order to maintain our art and business skills at a professional level.

The area in which we work is disinfected daily and only one-time and sterile supplies are used in it, with regular control of the Croatian Institute for Public Health and Sanitary Inspection. Every employee goes to regular medical check-ups, which also helps protect our clients and maintain the professionalism of our work.